Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore
    About BIT  
Our Vision  
To be a world-class engineering institution that nurtures leaders in every field of technology and to groom knowledgeable men and women who can significantly contribute to a progressive, peaceful and greener world.
Clarity of Mind+Purity of Heart
Our Motto reflects a perfectly balanced, powerful set of beliefs that will help Bearys Institute of Technology(BIT) realise its vision. The first half - Clarity of Mind – exemplifies qualities of the Mind that we endeavour to instill. Through strategic courses and clearly outlined programs, we will groom focused professional and clear sighted leaders of industry.

That’s just half of what we aim to accomplish at BIT.

The other equally important component is - Purity of Heart. We aim to inculcate in each student a responsibility towards upholding values of honesty and integrity, respecting and protecting nature and servicing the weak and disadvantaged.

We believe our students must approach their tasks with both - clear minds and good hearts. When the two come together the outcome is a ‘complete education’ that transforms exceptional professionals into
committed and responsible citizens of the world.
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